Joris van Spaendonck

The Netherlands (1967)

Joris van Spaendonck studied at the academy of fine arts in Tilburg.

His daily trip to his studio is a daily search for challenges with paint and paintbrush, with the canvas, but also with the coincidences and spontaneous whims. An accidental stain on working jeans, the paint on a cleaning rag; these are challenges as a tightly mounted, white canvas. Joris tries to mould the material according to his vision, but in doing so he always leaves room for the unexpected. His studio relics are beautiful examples of coincidence and the painter’s hand.

Joris sees drawing as a gift, while painting feels like a constant development. By applying both talents, Joris took an excursion to the world of still life flowers, in the tradition of and as an ode to his early ancestors Gerard and Corneille van Spaendonck, whose work can be admired in the Louvre in Paris.