Daniel Mullen

Scotland (1985)

Daniel Mullen is a Scottish born Painter (1985) Living in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Reitveld academy in 2011. Since his Graduation he has been fully focused on the development of his work. Resulting in nominations for prizes such as, the Aesthetica Art prize, the Dutch Royal Prize for painting.  His work is exhibited nationally and also Internationally. Most recently in Vancouver, Berlin and London.
Mullen’s work is inspired but architecture, geometrical form, repetitions and rhythms. He see’s his painting as illusions. Concerning expectations versus reality. At first glance, one might assume one sees a visual equation, yet upon closer inspection the mirage falls away and one is left with the actual construction of the image. Mullen’s Paintings are meticulously hand crafted without implementing any technological or mechanical aids. It is important for him to emulated a sense of reproducibility but through imperfections in the resulting image, the work becomes more than the sum of its parts. He prioritize the human touch while creating seemingly non-human abstractions.